This social action poster series is designed to highlight the social issue of alcohol addiction. Utilizing cut photographs to mimic broken glass, this series employs visually cohesive elements to bring awareness and resources to society to combat this social issue. I chose to use rough and textured typefaces to reinforce the gloomy nature and gravity of the subject, as well as quickly grabbing the attention of viewers. I also chose to keep the type to a minimum and allow the imagery to do a majority of the talking so the viewer can grasp the concept in 20 seconds or less. Together, these elements evoke an emotional response from the viewer to leave a lasting impact on their use of alcohol.
Design Process
My design process began with mind mapping and sketching 20 concept thumbnails to lay out my ideas. I also developed 20 type experiments to explore various typography combinations that would match the mood of my subject. I then conducted Illustration Experiments that used 10 different methods to create imagery for my posters. After pushing the best of the experiments, I developed two series of five posters for the final drafts. The series that didn't make the cut can be found below in the Pushed Illustration Experiments section. I embroidered 5 hard truths about alcohol addiction with colorful yarn and pretty imagery to highlight the reality of what happens to the family of an addict behind closed doors. The final series included cut photographs of my mother and my childhood to mimic the emotions that I feel about losing her to her alcohol addiction.

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