The Overkill Film Festival is designed to address the social issue of ineffective waste management in developed countries. More specifically, Overkill addresses the ways in which hyper consumption and production of trash is ruining the earth and crowding our living space through the use of landfills. This festival features films, speakers and workshops that educate attendees on responsible consumption practices, recycling and reducing carbon footprints. 
Final Deliverables
Printed Collateral & Identity Design to include:
Primary & Alternate Logos
Pattern & Texture Designs
Custom Illustration
Iconography Designs
Poster Designs
Business Card & Letterhead Designs
Brand Book
Festival Schedule, Popcorn Container and Ticket Design
Design Process
My design process began with the creation of a creative brief highlighting the values and personas that this film festival is tailored toward. Then came the creation of the logo. I made it a priority to create a logo that was very emotionally charged to really capture the interest of the audience and inspire festival donors. I landed on a logo that represents a person drowning in trash to reinforce the festival concept and cause the audience to truly reflect on their product consumption practices. Despite the gloomy nature of the concept, I chose to incorporate some brighter colors to highlight the ambivalence experienced by city dwellers as we get to ignore the landfills carefully placed out of sight and are encouraged to keep buying single use products advertised by influencers for a temporary hit of serotonin. The majority of the imagery for this brand includes the most common products found in trash to include fast fashion, single-use plastics, cardboard, metal and food waste.

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