The Seventy Seven Steakhouse brand unites the high-end steakhouse brand with western style imagery. The illustrations reflect the social environments found in the wild west of the early United States to give the customer an immersive restaurant experience.
Final Deliverables
Primary & Alternate Logos
3 Pattern Designs
Custom Illustration
Food & Drink Menu Designs
Custom Signage
Desktop Webpages
Website Advertisements
Brand Book
Supporting Restaurant Brand Collateral and Apparel
Design Process

 This type of restaurant was inspired by my husband Mason’s love of steaks and the name was inspired by the
Matthew 18: 21-22 Biblical scripture about forgiveness. I curated a monochromatic color palette to reflect the colors often spotted in the western deserts of the US, and drew inspiration from western woodblock type posters to create the food and drink menus. I created the logo with two revolver pistols and bull horns to place a creative twist on the classic bull skull imagery often found in western culture, and I created the cowboy saloon imagery to reinforce the immersive western brand experience. I also designed the Website to reinforce the high-end steakhouse look and feel of the restaurant.

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