Dumbbell Digest is a proposal for a magazine emphasizing fitness and gardening. The included articles lend readers tips on how to garden while living in a city and the proper way to lift weights. The mixture of hand drawn and digital type create an approachable and trustworthy environment for readers to learn in. I chose to create a logo that resembles a dumbbell for a fun and easily recognizable masthead. I also chose to incorporate hand-drawn elements to connect with readers on an earthy, tactile and tangible level. This magazine also allowed me to further curate my typesetting abilities by creating articles that are easy to read and folios that are easy to navigate.
Final Deliverables
Digital & Printed Collateral to include:
Logo Design
Hand-Drawn Type
Custom Illustration
Layout Design
Infographic Design
Printed Magazine
Design Process
To begin the design process, I developed the concept for my magazine and created a logo matrix of 14 potential logos to be used as the masthead for my magazine cover. I then created several drafts for the front and back cover, the table of contents and the interior masthead. I conducted type experiments to discover typographic combinations that would fit my magazine's aesthetics. Finally, I used my collection of photographs of found plants, gardens, and fitness enthusiasts to create the final interior spreads and prioritized type setting for a polished and clean final look.

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