This poster series highlights the lyrics from one of my favorite songs titled Things I Can’t Change by The Story So Far. As this is a pop-punk genre of music, I created hand lettered typography and rough textures to convey the edginess of the song. This poster series also utilizes the Axial, Radial, Dilatational and Random typographic systems to construct type and convey the mood of the song. This poster series includes 6 poster designs, as well as a concert post card, social media flyer and advertisement poster. I chose a black, red and blue color palette to reinforce the intensity of the song, and had lots of fun experimenting with hand-drawn type to construct this poster series.
Design Process
The first phase of this process included using a passage from Grid & Design Philosophy by Joseph Muller-Brockman to create a series of type experiments with the Axial, Radial, Dilatational and Random typographic systems. I first created 5 type experiments for each category, and chose my favorite 2 from each category for a final total of 8 experiments.
Final Collection
The next phase of the design process was to select the lyrics from my favorite song, and incorporate those into the 4 typographic systems listed above to create a series of lyric posters, a concert poster, a social media post, and a post card that convey the mood of the selected song. Below are my experimentations with hand-drawn imagery and hand-drawn type for the creation of the final deliverables.
Final Deliverables
Digital illustration & printed collateral to include:
6 poster designs
Post card, social media flyer, stickers, concert poster designs
Hand-drawn typography
Custom textures

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