This Dialogue Book uses type as illustration to convey the emotion within an intense scene in one of my favorite movies titled The Shack. This book uses the written out dialogue exchanged between the characters to convey the emotion of the scene, rather than imagery. I chose to create a background with cool-toned colors, textures and forms that are similar to a cave, as that is where this scene takes place in the movie. I also chose to heavily experiment with breaking down typographic structures and reconstructing them into different forms to use type as illustration and texture. I drew inspiration from sedimentary layers, rough textures and natural rock to develop my custom type and typographic illustrations.
Final Deliverables
Digital Illustration & Printed Collateral to include:
Custom Type
Textural Designs
Background Illustration
Typographic Illustration
Printed Book
Type Experiments
With this project I tried to have as much fun as possible with type experimentation and really dive into using type as illustration. To fit the theme of the book, I followed my explorations into making the type look like crumbling rock, cracks, and jumbled scratchy type. 

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