In collaboration with Crypton Mills, a textile manufacturer that creates performance textiles for residential and commercial spaces, I designed two collections of themed patterns and fabrics. Each collection was inspired by the antique Cone Sister textile collection, current trend projections, and my own personal style. The Linear Legacy collection drew heavily upon inspiration from the Cone sisters collection, while the Chic Antique drew heavily from current trend projections with a spring farmhouse flair. I chose to create designs that are different from my usual visual style to push my boundaries and expand my range of stylistic abilities.
Final Deliverables
Digital Illustration & Printed Collateral to include:
2 Capsule Collections
6 Primary Designs
15 Coordinate Designs
Design Mockups
2 Poster Designs
Design Process
This collaboration had a unique start to the design process. I was fortunate enough to take a trip to the Crypton Mills textile manufacturing facility in Cliffside, North Carolina. I met the designers and toured the facility to learn the process behind creating custom textiles. I then spent a few hours browsing the antique Cone Sisters fabric collection and learned about their passion for collecting unique designs as they traveled with world. After taking pictures of my favorites, I began sketching 20 concepts for my pattern collections with inspiration from the Cone Sisters and current trend projections. I took my favorites, vectorized them, and divided them up into two collections: the Linear Legacy collection and the Chic Antique collection. In the Linear Legacy collection, I wanted to primarily use line to create my designs, and advanced my designs with a moody and jewel-toned color palette to satisfy the trend analysis work. In the Chic Antique collection, I wanted to include my own style (I love French Farmhouse interiors) and the North Carolina country that I grew up in. The final stages of the design process included creating two posters to showcase each capsule collection, and the coordinates that accompany the main designs.

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